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Who can use OGS Procurement Services Contracts?
While the service is free, the ability to participate is determined by laws passed by the New York State Legislature since 1953 that determine qualification. Although the purchasing program is primarily used by state agencies, local governments, and schools, the State Legislature has expanded eligibility definitions to use state contracts on multiple occasions to cover charitable organizations, libraries, and many other organizations. Walter Bikowitz, Director of the Procurement Services Group stressed the importance of pre-registration with OGS prior to attempting to purchase contract products or services. "It is important to register to get the contract price - following registration with OGS an organization can have the vendor check with OGS to confirm they can purchase on a contract." Determining Eligibility Non-State agencies are encouraged to determine eligibility to use OGS contracts by contacting OGS procurement customer services by phone at (518) 474-6717 or email