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How do I bid on an auction?
After reviewing the ticket details in an auction-style listing, to bid on the tickets: • Click the Place Bid button. You may be prompted to log in. • The Current Bid, Minimum Bid, and Bid Increment display. The Minimum Bid is the lowest bid amount the Seller is willing to accept. The Bid Increment is the increase in dollar amount required for each new bid. For example, if the Current Bid is $60.00 and the Bid Increment is $5.00, the next bid must be at least $65.00. Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for all the tickets in the listing in the Your Maximum Bid field and click the Continue button. Each time someone outbids you, we'll automatically increase your bid by the specified bid increment until you win the tickets or your maximum bid amount is reached, whichever comes first. Important: An authorization for the amount of your Maximum Bid (plus fees) is sent to your credit or debit card each time you place a new bid.