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How does Retort Repair formulate its bids?
The simplest answer is that we look at what work is needed on the crematory and how much a similar job cost to complete in the past. 2. What can I do to help make Retort Repair's bid as accurate as possible? Have someone knowledgeable about the crematory to answer questions about the machine such as: who manufactured the crematory, how much is the crematory used, when was its last repair, etc. Also, Retort Repair encourages pictures of the interior of the crematory to be sent via email or snail mail so that we can visually see what repair may be needed. If you have blueprints to your machine, it will also assist in determining what quantity of materials we will need for the job. 3. Is there a fee for on-site consultation? Yes and no. There is a $100 fee for on-site consultation services; however, if you employ Retort Repair's services at that time or in the future, the $100 will be refunded once services are completed. For crematories outside of a 60 miles radius of 2303 Standish St.